Principles of a Just Transition

Divestment is about much more than removing our funds from the fossil fuel industry and arriving at carbon zero. We, the members of Divestment and Beyond, are together committed to a future in the “Just Transition”: a concept born from the fusion of labour, climate and social justice movements, that sees how our collective future is tied both to the health of the planet and the state of our societies. In our individual work and lives, and in our combined work as part of the D&B coalition, we are moving toward achieving these goals in our own community. This work takes many forms: from supporting Indigenous sovereignty in the Wet’suwet’en’s fight against a toxic pipeline, to organizing for pay continuity for precarious workers at U of T, to coordinating mutual aid efforts at food and mask distribution for laid-off Torontonians during the pandemic. Read below to see the principles that guide our work.

A Just Transition must be…

Pro Indigenous sovereignty





Anti-capitalist and in support of re-distributive justice

For labour rights and workplace democracy

For migrant justice