Past Events

Post Fossil Fuel Economics and the Indigenous Green New Deal with Winona LaDuke (February 2020):
We were honoured to host the incredible Winona LaDuke to present on the Indigenous Green New Deal. Joining us were speakers Dr. Uahikea Maile, Dr. Michelle Daigle and land defender Eve Saint. Supported by Climate Justice Toronto, LEAP UofT, The List, School of the Environment, OPIRG-Toronto, Equity Studies Students’ Union. Endorsed by: Climate Pledge Collective, Fridays for Future Toronto, Women and Gender Studies Institute (U of T)

Fighting the Climate Crisis at the University and Beyond (webinar in October 2020):

With just 11 years left to make profound changes in global human climate impact, what must Canada’s largest university do? U of T is an economic powerhouse: as the largest employer and land holder in the city, with the largest endowment in the nation, what are our institution’s responsibilities? What might a just transition look like at UofT? How can we work together to get our institution on the right track towards climate justice?

Divestment and Beyond was honoured to host a conversation on these questions. With special guest Donna Ashamock from Indigenous Climate Action, and with UofT staff, students and faculty, we discussed the crucial roles of University finances, the labour movement, and student mental health in building a just transition on campus.