A just transition must be anti-capitalist and seeking re-distributive economic justice

Capitalism drives extractive industries, as the economy is prioritized before climate/environmental damage and human life. The system prioritizes the wealthy, and requires the exploitation of the working class and global resources  to ensure the rich maintain that wealth, creating drastic wealth disparities between the richest and the working class. In so-called Canada, we see governments prioritize oil and mining companies and disregard the imminent threat that they pose to the future of the climate. Oil executives are afforded more power and influence then the populations whose lives are disrupted by these industries and these corporations rarely face consequences for irresponsible waste disposal or environmental damage. Instead of maintaining a capitalist system that relies on exploitation of workers and resources, we need to adopt a pro-socialist system, in which money is channeled back into the community, instead of hoarded by the elite, and allows for the creation of cleaner infrastructure and energy alternatives.

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