Divestment and Beyond supports the CAUT censure of the University of Toronto

While organizing on behalf of fossil fuel divestment and a socially just climate transition, we at Divestment and Beyond (UofT) have become increasingly aware of all the ways in which private money influences academic decisions and skews academic priorities. While these dynamics would be concerns at any university that aspires to collegial governance over academic matters, they are especially troubling at U of T which is, at least in principle, a public institution. We believe that systematic and expanding reliance on private donations and corporate funding has eroded the university’s accountability as a public institution and has impeded the U of T from embracing its role as a leader when it comes to addressing the climate crisis, defending academic freedom and promoting justice and equality inside and outside the university. We believe that the university’s mishandling of the search for a director of the Faculty of Law’s IHR Program provides one more egregious example of unacceptable outside interference at U of T. Divestment and Beyond therefore supports the CAUT Censure of the University of Toronto and calls on the University administration to take immediate steps to resolve the situation.

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